Our Customers

Our Customers, in which we call GUESTS, are an intricate part of our brand. Giardino was created with the purpose of serving others and we believe that if we serve fresh quality food with a loving heart we will have a loyal GUEST for life.

“The greatest example of Love & Kindness is to Serve others.”


Founder, Ody Lugo




Giardino is proud to be your partner in all of your health needs. No matter what level you are in we are here to guide and help you reach all of your dietary goals. The variety of products allows you to make healthy decisions.

“Eating the right foods after a workout is crucial for muscle gain, recovery, and increased performance. One of my favorite ways to refuel after a workout is by creating my own bowl at @giardino_salads. Its’ quick, delicious, and personalized.”


Fitventures with Elyse

Nutritional education as well as your dietary needs are very important to us. Having the proper information gives you the Nutritional Empowerment you need to make correct menu selections. Our menus have allergen icons that identify all ingredients that are gluten-free, vegetarian and wellness, as well as nutritional labels for all menu items.  
Gluten Free
Under 500 Calories
Suitable For Certain Vegetarians
Nutritional Education